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    Kotlin 1.1.4-2 is released with new features

    Kotlin 1.1.4-2 is just released with several important hotfixes, here are some change logs that kotlin changes in new released version.


    • KT-19679 CompilationException: Couldn't inline method call 'methodName' into...
    • KT-19690 Lazy field in interface default method leads to ClassFormatError
    • KT-19716 Quickdoc Ctrl+Q broken while browsing code completion list Ctrl-Space
    • KT-19717 Library kind incorrectly detected for vertx-web in Kotlin project
    • KT-19723 "Insufficient maximum stack size" during compilation

    What feature do we have in kotlin 1.1.4


    New Features

    • KT-11048 Android Extensions: cannot evaluate expression containing generated properties

    Performance Improvements

    • KT-10542 Android Extensions: No cache for Views
    • KT-18250 Android Extensions: Allow to use SparseArray as a View cache


    • KT-11051 Android Extensions: completion of generated properties is unclear for ambiguous ids
    • KT-14086 Android-extensions not generated using flavors dimension
    • KT-14912 Lint: "Code contains STOPSHIP marker" ignores suppress annotation
    • KT-15164 Kotlin Lint: problems in delegate expression are not reported
    • KT-16934 Android Extensions fails to compile when importing synthetic properties for layouts in other modules
    • KT-17641 Problem with Kotlin Android Extensions and Gradle syntax
    • KT-17783 Kotlin Lint: quick fixes to add inapplicable @RequiresApi and @SuppressLint make code incompilable
    • KT-17786 Kotlin Lint: "Surround with if()" quick fix is not suggested for single expression get()
    • KT-17787 Kotlin Lint: "Add @TargetApi" quick fix is not suggested for top level property accessor
    • KT-17788 Kotlin Lint: "Surround with if()" quick fix corrupts code in case of destructuring declaration
    • KT-17890 [kotlin-android-extensions] Renaming layout file does not rename import
    • KT-18012 Kotlin Android Extensions generates @NotNull properties for views present in a configuration and potentially missing in another
    • KT-18545 Accessing to synthetic properties on smart casted Android components crashed compiler
    Source form kotlin github page: https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin/tree/1.1.4

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