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    Most Important things you need to know about Mobile Apps

    Before getting start to develop or marketing mobile application, you should know about this most important things, which may helpful further.

    1.  An app may be overkill, In some cases, a mobile-optimized website will do the job just fine.
    2. You can't go it alone ! It's only by cultivating partnerships and alliances that you can effectively  create a network of support to help market you app.
    3. Make your device platform choice carefully.
    4. Build relationships , not just apps.
    5. App marketing must be a constant focus, so keep your eye on the prize - always.
    6. Know you audience. Mobile devices are fiercely personal and people expect customized experiences.
    7. Personal privacy is paramount. You must tell your users up front what kind of data about them is being collected.
    8. Be aware of billing solutions,You should choose your payment methods and mechanisms wisely.
    9. Post lunch problems abound, and a multitude of variables can affect how your app performs.
    10. Think big and be useful. Apps server people, so expect the next wave of innovation to focus on utility, not novelty.
    Credit: Book "Everything guide to mobile Apps" by Peggy Anne salz and Jennifer moranz

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