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    Android Studio - No JVM Installation found

    When you try to launch it after installation  you are getting this error:

    No JVM Installation found. Please install a 64 bit JDK.

    Let us assume, current system specification:

    Operating System: Windows 8.0 64 bit version
    JDK installed: JDK 1.8.0

    Tried setting all kind of paths but nothing worked. So you had to do some dirty fix. The only problem with this is that it opens a blank command line window.

    Adding a system variable JDK_HOME with value C:\Program Files\Java2\jdk1.8.0\ worked for me. The latest Java release can be downloaded here.

    Additionally, make sure the variable JAVA_HOME is also set with the above location.

    Did the following to make it work.
    • goto the AndroidStudio installation folder.
    • goto bin folder and open studio.bat in text editor
    • add set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java2\jdk1.8.0//your java path after the ECHO line.
    • goto Start -> All Programmes -> Android Studio ->
    • right click on Android Studio and click on properties.
    • You will see the Target something like <installation path>android-studio\bin\studio64.exe
    • change it to <installation path>android-studio\bin\studio.bat

    Now you can access it by clicking it from the menu.

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