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    Reverse String in Java and Android

    Are you getting problem during reverse string in java or android, here is the simple solution fro reverse string.

    First things, Just define this string:

            String tempString = "AndroidandJavaTutorials";
            String reverseString = new StringBuffer(tempString).reverse().toString();
            System.out.printf(" original String -> %s , reversed String %s  %n", tempString, reverseString);

            tempString = "pRAndroid";
            reverseString = new StringBuilder(tempString).reverse().toString();
            System.out.printf(" original String- > %s , reversed String %s %n", tempString, reverseString);

    Now, Call the funtion, where exactly process of reserve:

    public static String reverse(String source){
            if(source == null || source.isEmpty()){
                return source;
            String reverse = "";
            for(int i = source.length() -1; i>=0; i--){
                reverse = reverse + source.charAt(i);
            return reverse;

    Final output of above tempString:

     original String -> AndroidandJavaTutorials , reversed String slairotuTavaJdnadiordnA  
     original String- > pRAndroid , reversed String diordnARp 

    Happy Coding!!!

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