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    Jar Mismatch Found 2 versions of android-support-v4.jar in the dependency list

    Step #1: Undo all that. If you are messing with the build path, on R16 or higher version of the ADT plugin for Eclipse, you're doing it wrong.
    Step #2: Pick one of those two versions of the JAR, or pick the one from the "extras" area of your SDK installation.
    Step #3: Put the right JAR in App Library.
    Step #4: Delete the one from App Free, since it will pick up that JAR from App Library.
    You are welcome to instead have the same actual JAR file in both spots (App Free and App Library), though that just takes up extra space for no reason.
    This wrote CommonsWare.
    may work some time for this:
    Delete android-support-v4.jar from library and project. Then go in <sdk>/extras/android/support/samples/Support4Demos/ and copy android-support-v4.jarand paste in libs folder of both.

    and finally all of not working, then try this:
    1. Delete android-support-v4.jar from App Free
    2. Add the same file from App Library to App Free

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