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    Meetup - Kotlin Nights

    Kotlin Night is a meetup that includes 3-4 talks on Kotlin or related technologies. At JetBrains we've organised a few events: Kotlin Night San Francisco and Kotlin Night London.
    The community however is asking for more Kotlin Nights and are willing to organise these themselves. Here you would find guidelines and some hints on putting things together.

    You can , submit your Kotlin Night to get support and inform about your upcoming event.


    • Please, stick with the design materials. It will help to have all events and materials with the same style
    • Kotlin Night should be a free event. A minimal fee can be charged to assure assistance but it is still a non-profit event.
    • The event should be published and available publicly for all people to attend without any kind of discrimination.
    • The contents of the talks should be made public online after the event without requiring sign-up or registration to access these.
    • Recording is optional but recommended and should also be made available
    • The talks should be primarily about Kotlin and not a focus on marketing or sales
    • The event can serve food and/or drinks optionally
    Download design materials

    Organiser is Responsible for

    1. Location and all required event production, including comfortable venue. Please, make sure
      • all the participants are aware of the exact date, place and starting time of the event. It’s good tone to have at least 30 minutes before your event for the participants gathering;
      • there is enough place as well as food and beverages, in case you provide, for everyone.
      • you have a plan with your speakers: schedule, topics and abstracts of the talks, equipment for the presentations.
      • If you’d like to organise recording of the talks, plan it in advance to get a better quality
    2. Content and speakers
      • Feel free to invite people with talks from your local community, from the neighbour countries or even from all over the globe. You don’t have to to have any JetBrains representative or speaker at your event. However we would be glad to learn about one more kotlin NIght, so feel free to notify us.
    3. Announcements and promotion
      • Announce your event at least 3 weeks before the date of a meetup
      • Add timeline, topics, abstracts and speakers bios to the announcement
      • Spread the word in social media
    4. Registration and Fee Processing handling
      • Make sure that you are able to receive fees or/and sponsor money properly. You might need to partner with an official entity to do this.
    5. Event material to JetBrains post-event
      • We are glad to announce your event at kotlinlang.org and will appreciate if you provide slides and video materials for follow up posting.

    JetBrains Provides Support

    • Access to Kotlin Night Branding which includes name, logos and video intros
    • Merchandise such as Stickers and T-Shirts for the Speakers, small souvenirs for the attendees
    • Promotion of the event via our Social Media Channels
    • Listing of the event on the Kotlin Events Page
    • If required, reaching out to speakers to take part in event
    • If possible helping with finding location (via contacts, etc.)
    • As well as helping with possible partnership with local businesses.

    If you are looking for the detailed guideline for event organising, you can upload this documents with more detailed instructions

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