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    Kotlin Conference Nov 2-3 at San Francisco

    KotlinConf is just around the corner, and if you haven’t checked out the great speaker line-up and sessions, you might want to do that now! We’ve got two days jam-packed with content around Kotlin, whether you’re doing mobile, desktop, server-side or web front-end development, there are lots of talks for you.

    Schedule for the workshop:

    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Kotlin Workshop for Java Developers.
    Svetlana Isakova
    Max capacity 50

    5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
    Dinner and Talk. Building Libraries for Kotlin.
    Eric Maxwell
    Max capacity 150

    Kotlin for Java Developers Workshop

    This workshop will cover all the Kotlin features you need to know to feel comfortable with the language as well as look "under the hood" and discuss cornerstones of Java interoperability where necessary. You’ll get everything you need to know to start working with Kotlin immediately. The workshop will cover, amongst other things
    • Basic syntax
    • Nullability
    • Object-oriented programming with Kotlin
    • Functional programming with Kotlin
    • Java interoperability
    • Building DSLs
    Svetlana Isakova has worked on the Kotlin language at JetBrains. She’s co-authored the book Kotlin in Action and now is a Developer Advocate, where she spends her time teaching Kotlin and speaking at conferences worldwide.

    Building Libraries for Kotlin (Evening Talk)

    Kotlin has a lot of great features that improve developer productivity and make the overall code base more stable. This all works great when you're entire code base is written in Kotlin. However, while Kotlin adoption is growing by leaps and bounds, the fact is that many applications and libraries are still on Java and will be for some time. This means, if you're a library provider like Realm that 100k+ developers rely on, you must provide an API that works well for both platforms.
    In this talk, you'll learn about some of the challenges faced and approaches taken by Realm to solve this problem and how you might apply these same approaches to your own libraries. You'll also learn about some of the key Kotlin features they used to simplify Realm Mobile Database development with Kotlin.
    Eric Maxwell is a Product Engineer at Realm and co-organizer of the Columbus Kotlin User Group. He has spent over a decade architecting and developing software for various companies across many industries. He has developed and taught courses on Java, Android and iOS. When he’s not working, he enjoys time with family, traveling and improv comedy.


    kscript - Scripting enhancements for Kotlin

    More about conference:https://kotlinconf.com/
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