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    Hello World and Button Click Event fire in Kotlin (Android) .

    We are going to series of kotlin tutorials for android. JetBrains software company introduce new android studio 3.0 in build kotlin plugin, we don't have to add any plugin.
    First you have to download Android Studio 3.0 Canary 4 is now available on developer.android.com and learn kotlin from the basic , there is a official documentation of kotlin.

    Let start kotlin

    We are going to print simply hello world, then we will moving series of kotlin for android developer.

    After finish download android studio, then follow the follow the following steps.

    1. Open Android studio 3.0

    2. Click File -> New -> New Project.

    3. The give the name of Project and you have see by default kotlin plugin checked on android studio.Then click Next.

    4. Then choose target Minimum SDK for the application.

    5.  Now choose the Activity to mobile, by default there is empty activity, choose this and click next.

    6. Finally, when you click finish, then it take few seconds for loading gradles, libraries and other necessary files for mobile application.

    Now, your project is created, initially, you can see different then tradition java code because it is kotlin. you simple run the project you have to see, hello world.

    I am going to simple change the App, We give the input from EditText and click show Button and display on TextView.

    Let start to do this,

    Here is the simple layout file:

    Here is the simple kotlin code, which is more less and more clear to understand then java code.

    Here is the simple output of above program:

    I love kotlin and please follow the next tutorials.

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