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    The DDMS Perspective

    The DDMS Perspective in Eclipse lets you access all of the features of DDMS from within the Eclipse IDE. The following sections of DDMS are available to you:
    • Devices - Shows the list of devices and AVDs that are connected to ADB.
    • Emulator Control - Lets you carry out device functions.
    • LogCat - Lets you view system log messages in real time.
    • Threads - Shows currently running threads within a VM.
    • Heap - Shows heap usage for a VM.
    • Allocation Tracker - Shows the memory allocation of objects.
    • File Explorer - Lets you explore the device's file system.
    To access the DDMS perspective, go to Window > Open Perspective > DDMS. If DDMS does not appear, go to Window > Open Perspective > Other ... and select DDMS from the Open Perspective window that appears. For more information on using DDMS, see Using the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server.


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